Dear Ladies and Gentlemens!

like I'm doing well of you , family, friends and your business / Bands-photos . --> Hereby I kindly offer you to have a shooting with you for business or private purposes, also together with your band / family or friends.

If you are interested I would be more than a personal request via e-mail very pleased ! --> If you are interested, I would be very happy to receive an e-mail from you, describing your wishes and expectations.

Only there will be a flat rate payment, which will be discussed in person ! --> Payment conditions we will discuss face to face. Generally I offer a flat rate payment for one shooting.

                                       Shooting mit "Stay Hungry" 24.3.19      (TFP)

                                                                 Shooting  mit Monja (TFP) 5.6.16

                                                                Hochzeit - 10.7.2015

Shooting mit Susanne Obst 14.5.15

                                                             Frank Sieling "Seth13"